Wageningen university master thesis agreement contract

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Wageningen university master thesis agreement contract

The university argues that science should be independent from politics or religion political statements are also banned. The student refused to delete God from his acknowledgments and instead tore the whole page of acknowledgments out altogether.

Is the university right to state that science should be independent from politics and religion, or is this a case of discrimination against religious persons? The university has refused to clarify their decision.

One hypothesis is that the university still holds a pre-postmodern view on independent research, and thinks that research can be entirely objective. Just as there are some dubious cases of research done for the pharmaceutical industry that are motivated by profit, most research is funded by some organisation, and politics often has a huge say in which research will be funded.

So how can research be independent from politics?

wageningen university master thesis agreement contract

In previous blog posts, I advocated for researchers to make their normative assumptions explicit: Does that mean we should disregard his whole philosophy? Some think we should. I would have preferred an explanation from Heidegger himself about how his political views informed his work, or vice versa, and how his political views might have changed over time.

Now we will never know. Another hypothesis is that the university thinks that religious statements make a work less credible. This is based on a certain view on religious thinking that views it as contradictory to scientific thinking.

Before the Enlightenment, knowledge was thought to be revealed by God, and the Bible was an important source of knowledge. But later, another view emerged within the Church claiming that the best way to honour God was to study his creations.

Even if a religious statement in the acknowledgments makes people seem less scientific, the same counts for certain other acknowledgments. Acknowledgments are mostly used to outline which scholars one collaborated with, and in this sense, they say something about the professional relationships the researcher has.

A small paragraph showing that one has a social life outside the academic career adds to an exposition of skills as well: I once read an acknowledgment wherein someone thanked scholars whom that person never collaborated with.

The thanked scholars were surprised to be in the acknowledgment. Can I thank Nietzsche or Foucault in my acknowledgments? Is this a kind of fraud that a university should develop a policy on?

In all of the above scenarios it seems wise for the university to reconsider their policy. They have several options for this: Extend their current policy to encompass other statements that are too personal as well.

However, PhD and higher degree acknowledgements are a bit like Oscar acceptance speeches — sometimes amusing and interesting, mostly long, over inclusive and duplicitous. I do not think the examiners should have sight of the acknowledgement until they have made their decision to pass or fail the candidate.

Their concern should be the contents of the thesis, not who is or is not being thanked by the author. The acknowledgements can be revealed when there is no chance they might influence the examiners decision.

If someone then wants to thank God, a lucky mascot, or claim they acquired their knowledge when they were abducted by aliens, so be it. Who knows, instead of always thanking supervisors we might find some honest souls say they were lazy incompetent plagiarists.

If candidates are allowed to be uninhibited in what they say, it might in itself provide an area of research for future intellectual historians. North Gienow January 26, at 6: Freedom of religion and belief is a principle that was created to support the freedom of an individual in public or private to manifest religion or belief.

To me this appears to include through teaching and practice and day-to-day routine. It is considered by many to be a fundamental human right. I myself, do not attribute myself to any organized religion or sect but have no problems with those who do. An acknowledgement should have no merit whatsoever towards the final mark of a thesis and should in no way influence a final decision.

It would be perhaps a slightly different story if it were a high school essay, but in the case of a doctoral thesis, a certain degree of personal influence and belief is to be expected. The university argues that science should be independent from politics and religion, but it could be easily argued that none can exist without the others.

Kelsey Rieger January 20, at 8: This PhD student, in my opinion, should be allowed to thank the superior being that he believes he lives his life for. Science and Religion have always been an issue on whether they belong together or not.

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Yes, the university has a policy of religious statements in acknowledgements and that policy should be respected.Thesis / Dissertation Editing Service ($5/pg.): Our dissertation editing service corrects errors in logic and grammar while improving the structural coherence of the dissertation overall, strengthening the relationship between sentences, paragraphs, and concepts while leaving core ideas intact and includes copy editing/proofreading.

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. MSc thesis Master: 12 months, 3 blocks Core modules Wageningen University and Research Centre. Joint course Example: Kumasi, Ghana–KNUST MSc degree course GIS for Natural Resource Management with the Kwame Enschede The Netherlands lausannecongress2018.com Author: Tempelman.

This form has to be completed for each master thesis by the student and the library supervisor. Student and the library supervisor sign two copies of the form. Each party receives a copy before starting working on the thesis. A signed copy will be sent to the thesis Wageningen University Master Thesis Agreement.

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