Valentino case study

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Valentino case study

Name[ edit ] There are several proposed explanations for the name Valentine. According to the most popular one, the design was presented to the War Office on St.

Valentine's Day14 Februaryalthough Valentino case study sources say that the design was submitted on Valentine's Day or 10 February Cardenthe man who was responsible for many tank Valentino case study including that of the Valentine's predecessors, the A10 and A The "most prosaic" explanation according to David Fletcher is that it was just an in-house codeword of Vickers with no other significance.

The development team tried to match the lower weight of a cruiser tankallowing the suspension and transmission parts of the A10 heavy cruiser to be used, with the greater armour of an infantry tank. By using components already proven on the A9 and A10, the new design was easier to produce and much less expensive.

The War Office was initially deterred by the size of the turret, since they considered a turret crew of three necessary, to free the vehicle commander from direct involvement in operating the gun.

At the start of the war, Vickers were instructed to give priority to the production of tanks. The trials were successful and the vehicle was rushed into production as "Tank, Infantry, Mark III"; no pilot models were required as much of the mechanics had been proven on the A10 and it entered service from July Metropolitan and the BRCW had built small numbers of the A10, their production runs were just finishing and they delivered their first Valentines in mid Metropolitan used two sites, with Wednesbury joined by their Midland site in production of the Valentine.

Vickers output started at ten per month rising to 45 per month in a year and peaking at 20 per week inbefore production was slowed and then production of the Valentine and derivatives stopped in An order was placed in with Canadian Pacific and after modifications to the Valentine design to use local standards and materials, the production prototype was finished in The remaining 32 were retained for training.

British and Canadian production totalled 8, making the Valentine the most produced British tank design of the war. The driver's area contained only the driver and the driving controls. The driver sat on hull centre line, entering through either of two angled hatches over the seat, though there was an emergency exit hatch beneath his seat.

The driver had a direct vision port—cut in what was one of the hull cross members—in front of him and two periscopes in the roof over his head. Driving was by clutch and brake steering through levers, whose control rods ran the length of the hull to the transmission at the rear.

Valentino case study

Behind the driver was a bulkhead that formed another hull cross-member and separated him from the fighting compartment. The first tanks had a two-man turret, the gunner on the left of the gun and the commander acting also as the loader on the right.

When three-man turrets were introduced, the commander sat to the rear of the turret. The turret was made up of a cast front and a cast rear riveted to the side plates which were of rolled steel.

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All tanks carried the radio in the turret rear. Early tanks used the Wireless set No. The restrictions that the two-man turret placed on the commander, made more so if they were a troop commander and responsible for directing the actions of two other tanks besides their own, were addressed by enlarging the turret for the Mark III so that a loader for the main armament could be carried.

The turret ring diameter was not changed, so the extra space was found by moving the gun mounting forward in an extended front plate and increasing the bulge in the rear of the turret. This increased weight by half a ton on the 2. A bulkhead separated the fighting compartment from the engine compartment.

The engine, clutch and gearbox were bolted together to form a single unit. The gearbox was a 5-speed, 1-reverse Meadows; improved tracks were added to later marks. Driver's position, both periscopes and hatch visible.

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The Valentine was extensively used in the North African Campaignearning a reputation as a reliable and well-protected vehicle, which replaced the Matilda tank. Due to a lack of cruisers, it was issued to armoured regiments in the UK from mid Introduction of the 6-pounder in British service was delayed until the loss of equipment in France had been made good, so the 2-pounder was retained longer.

The small size of the turret and of the turret ring meant that producing mountings for larger guns proved a difficult task. Although versions with the 6-pounder and then with the Ordnance QF 75 mm gun were developed, by the time they were available in significant numbers, better tanks had reached the battlefield.

Another weakness was the small crew compartment and the two-man turret.The Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine was an infantry tank produced in the United Kingdom during the Second World than 8, of the type were produced in eleven marks, plus various specialised variants, accounting for approximately a quarter of wartime British tank production.

The many variants included riveted and welded construction, petrol and diesel engines and a progressive.

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production is mainly located in ontario and the. Essay Valentino Case Study. your hobby/project to briefly describe the ways in which the computer would be used (you are not to use more than words for this). You should for example discuss the types of programs/packages that will be used.

Essay Valentino Case Study. your hobby/project to briefly describe the ways in which the computer would be used (you are not to use more than words for this). You should for example discuss the types of programs/packages that will be used.

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