Thesis statements for everyday use

Ossa Certified Educator A thesis statement is a clear and concise expression that ascertains how you feel, or what you think, about something specific. In this case, what you want is to make a statement about Dee that you can support with evidence from the story, whether it is done with characters' quotes, or citing events that take place in it. This being said, think about Dee and all the different things you can opine about her. A thesis statement is a clear and concise expression that ascertains how you feel, or what you think, about something specific.

Thesis statements for everyday use

Two Sisters in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker Often two children are brought up in the same environment and turn out completely different. Maggie and Dee are different in their appearances, their personalities, and their ideas about the family artifacts.

Maggie is not as attractive as Dee. She is a thin and awkward girl. Her mother notes "good looks passed her by" Furthermore, she carries herself like someone with low self-esteem, "chin on chest, eyes on ground" On the other hand, Dee is an attractive woman.

Her mother describes Dee as having, "nice hair and a full figure" Dee takes pride in the her appearance. She dresses in fashionable clothes.

When Dee arrives for her visit, her mother says, "Even her feet were always neat-looking" Besides their appearances, Maggie and Dee have unique personalities.

In fact, Dee's arrival makes Maggie so uncomfortable that she tries to flee to the safety of the house Maggie is also intimidated by Dee, as shown when Maggie is unable to confront Dee about the quilts.

Thesis statements for everyday use

Maggie gives in and says that Dee may have the quilts because she is not used to "winning" Unlike Maggie, Dee is a bold young woman As a young girl, Dee has never been afraid to express herself. Her mother remembers that "she would always look anyone in the eye.

Hesitation was no part of her nature" Dee also shows herself to be selfish when she sets her sights on the butter churn. Dee does not seem to care that her family is still using the churn. She states that she will "display part of it in her alcove, and do something artistic with the rest of it" The family artifacts are important to both Maggie and Dee, but for different reasons.

Maggie values the family quilts for their sentiment and usefulness. She learned how to quilt from her grandmother and aunt who made the quilts. Her mother has been saving the quilts for Maggie to use after she is married. The quilts are meant to be used and appreciated everyday. Maggie hints that she sees the quilts as a reminder of her grandmother and aunt when she says, "I can 'member them without the quilts" Dee also values the family quilts.

She sees the quilts as priceless objects to own and display. Going off to college has brought Dee a new awareness of her heritage. She returns wearing ethnic clothing and has changed her name to "Wangero.

Before she went away to college, the quilts were not good enough for her. Her mother had offered her one of the quilts, but she stated, "They were old-fashioned and out of style" (3 minute) Thesis Idol How to present your thesis in 3 minutes, or: so you think you can explain what you are doing?

This prezi was composed by: Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum or you will be disqualified The rules To present a oration about what you are doing, how you are doing it. Sep 17,  · Everyday Uses Summary.

Everyday Use Summary Everyday Use begins with a Mother, Ms. Johnson, a big boned uneducated black woman, and her daughter Maggie waiting for her sister Dee, an educated woman who now lives in a civilized community, to arrive for a visit from college.

Ms. Thesis statements. Get an answer for 'What is a good thesis statement for Dee in the short story "Everyday Use?"' and find homework help for other Everyday Use questions at eNotes. a variety of thesis statements.

Thesis statements for everyday use

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