Themed hotel

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Themed hotel

Sunday, 12 February Adobe Grand Villas This bed and breakfast in Sedona, Arizona has a variety of rooms that are lightly themed - though some are more fun than others.

Last year, we visited the " Wagon Wheel Villa ", which is themed like a Wild West adventure complete with covered wagon bed and a rock shower with waterfall. Around the room, guests will find a rich amount of decorations to complete the mood.

While some hotels with "themed suites" might be cheezy, the Adobe Grand Villas Themed hotel first class all the way and even welcomes guests with warm, fresh baked bread cooking in the in-room bread maker! While the outside of this Victorian mansion might appear prim and proper, guests who step inside should be ready for a treat when they select a suite to act out their favorite adult fantasy!

Chateau Avalon Adventure Rooms With rooms ranging from " Castaway Isle " to " Tahitian Treehouse ", " Egyptian Palace ", and " Pirates Cove " this is your opportunity to express your love for each other in a completely different sort of way!

Located in Kansas City, this is among the most unique hotels in the midwest and features 61 rooms and suites featuring a unique theme concept environment. Hotel Pattee Opened originally inHotel Pattee set in Perry Iowa looks like a classic railroad hotel but that conservative veneer hides the wild themed rooms contained within.

Harvey, and a Central America Room where parrots, monkeys, and lizards will watch over you at night. Make sure to visit the Hotel Pattee website and explore the rooms as not all rooms and suites as themed as fun as these Themed hotel are. If you are looking for a fun romantic escape in NJ, the Loop Inn Motel might be a fun place to spend a night.

The Guest House at Graceland formerly Heartbreak Hotel Unfortunately, the Heartbreak Hotel has been closed in favor of the newly opened Guest House at Graceland which does feature suites "inspired by The King", though a lot less kitschy. Hail to the King Baby! The Hollywood While most of the suites here are pretty basic compared to champaign glass whirlpools, if you are looking to live out fantasies of having a private exotic dancer than they have the perfect room for you and your significant other.

Featuring mirrored walls and ceilings, a stripper pole rounds out the fantasy, leaving the rest is up to you once you enter " The Exotic Dancer Room ".

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel

Sybaris Over the top adventure suites and camp not your style? Seriously - complete with carpeted walls, fireplace, mirrors above the bed, in-suite swimming pool, massage chair, and no phones except the front deskSybaris is one of a kind.

The Sybaris Chalet Suite even has a waterslide If you are anywhere near Chicago you need to stop in here and visit at least once.

If you are wanting to explore your pirate or caveman fantasies this is the place to visit. This next group of hotels is the perfect choice for adventure At other hotels boasting themed fantasy suites, the word "seedy" might not be out of place but at the Madonna Inn, they are fun but not something you might have to hide from your kids.

While there is still a " Caveman " room complete with rock walls, animal hide covered furniture and a waterfall in the bathroom. There are also fun suites like Room " Tall and Short " where the pepto-bismal pink room was designed to cater to couples where one is tall and the other is short - for instance, one side of the bed is high There is no door here - guests enter the opening in the bottom of the habitat.

Of course, if you are looking for a nautical adventure there is also a converted Chris Craft Yacht that is firmly resting on its foundation, so no rocking the boat here in Bisbee Arizona. Winvian Not a single hotel, but a collection of themed cottages located in Litchfield Hills Connecticutthis is a great starting point if you want to explore fantasy suites - while still staying classy.

Winvian has suites ranging from the Beaver Lodge - themed like Those of you looking to join the Mile High Club can even pretend here while staying at the Helicopter Suite where they have a converted Sea King Pelican waiting your flight plan.

Nordic Inn I am not sure where to put this hotel in the list so I am leaving it for last - but certainly not least!

Themed hotel

However, if you are looking for a truly unique experience, that mixes roleplaying, cultural exploration, and perhaps exploring some viking fantasies then you should absolutely check out the Nordic Inn.

For those who favor a more modern Vikings interpretation there is also The Locker Room - perfect for Minnesota Vikings fans! The room is only part of the attraction here - check out this Viking menu! Breakfast is similarly styled, consisting of a Morning Feast featuring authentic Viking cuisine meat pie and Parsley Toast.

With a collection of trailers and wagons ranging from old air streams and themed trailers including: Share your thoughts below.The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas—Marriott’s premier Vegas hotel—offers an uncompromising resort experience with the intimate feel of a private urban residence and unexpected, inventive details that create a unique, contemporary impression.

When your event shines, so do you. From our abundant. Play Theme Hotel Now at where Free Online Cool Math Games are Unblocked at School. Theme Hotel is an amusing customer game that you can play here on CrazyGames.

It has been played 63, times and has received a rating of out of 10 with votes. This highly addictive skill game is powered by Flash technology to 9/ Take a trip around Europe with these three city themed bedroom suites. Travel to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, see the Swiss Cows in Geneva and go Dutch at the windmills of Amsterdam.

See how to create city themed decor without the need for any kitsch souvenirs! Nestling in Bournemouth’s fashionable Soho quarter, the Chocolate Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to unwind. Here you’ll find a warm, friendly welcome, cosy chocolate-themed rooms and .

Aphrodites Spa Boutique Lake Hotel. The Aphrodite´s Lodge Hotel is one of the most luxurious spa hotels in the Lake District, and is situated close to Lake seventeen luxury rooms and suites with hot tubs and full spa facilities on the ground floor, the Aphrodite´s is ideally situated in a quiet location, surrounded by stunning scenery.

12 Awesome Fantasy & Themed Adult Hotel Rooms