The relationship between gender and language essay

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The relationship between gender and language essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. There are many prejudices, myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions about the abilities or inabilities of the language learners of different ages.

There are manyquestion about this where nobody has an exact answer for it. Children do not learn quicker than adults, even adult people may learn more efficiently. Since age is not a determining factor of learning language there will be no loss of language learning abilities over a certain of time.

In addition, learning additional languages second, third, etc keeps the human brain active and this is an benefit for older learners.

This means that people of any ages can take advantages from learning additional languages. There are two reports click below read more which were sponsored by the USDepartment of Education.

The reports show the effect of age and language learning from two different point of view. The Older Language Learner shows some of the myths surrounding adult language learners, and Myths and Misconceptions aboutSecond Language Learning shows the same from the perspective of working withchildren.

These reports were produced mainly for teachers and educators, but they clearly show that people of any age can be accomplished language learners, particularly self-motivated adults. In addition, they show how learning style and different learning methods can have a powerful impact on our success rate as language learners.

Recent research is providing increasingly positive answers to this question. The research shows that: Contrary to popular stereotypes, older adults can be good foreign language learners. The difficulties older adults often experience in the language classroom can be overcome through adjustments in the learning environment, attention to affective factors, and use of effective teaching methods.

However, many studies have shown that this is not true. Studies comparing the rate of second language acquisition in children and adults have shown that although children may have an advantage in achieving native-like fluency in the long run, adults actually learn languages more quickly than children in the early stages Krashen, Long, and Scarcella, These studies indicate that attaining a working ability to communicate in a new language may actually be easier and more rapid for the adult than for the child.

The relationship between gender and language essay

Studies on aging have demonstrated that learning ability does not decline with age. If older people remain healthy, their intellectual abilities and skills do not decline Ostwald and Williams, Adults learn differently from children, but no age-related differences in learning ability have been demonstrated for adults of different ages.

The advantage for adults is that the neural cells responsible for higher-order linguistic processes such as understanding semantic relations and grammatical sensitivity develop with age. Especially in the areas of vocabulary and language structure, adults are actually better language learners than children.

The relationship between gender and language essay

Older learners have more highly developed cognitive systems, are able to make higher order associations and generalizations, and can integrate new language input with their already substantial learning experience. They also rely on long-term memory rather than the short-term memory function used by children and younger learners for rote learning.

Visual acuity also decreases with age. Hearing and vision problems are not restricted exclusively to the older learner, however. It is important that the classroom environment compensate for visual or auditory impairments by combining audio input with visual presentation of new material, good lighting, and elimination of outside noise Joiner, For example, some methods rely primarily on good auditory discrimination for learning.

Since hearing often declines with age, this type of technique puts the older learner at a disadvantage. The adult learns best not by rote, but by integrating new concepts and material into already existing cognitive structures.

Speed is also a factor that works against the older student, so fast-paced drills and competitive exercises and activities may not be successful with the older learner.

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Affective factors such as motivation and self-confidence are very important in language learning. Many older learners fear failure more than their younger counterparts, maybe because they accept the stereotype of the older person as a poor language learner or because of previous unsuccessful attempts to learn a foreign language.

When such learners are faced with a stressful, fast-paced learning situation, fear of failure only increases.The relationship that exists between gender and sex has been the root cause of global gender movements and issues that exists in the contemporary world.

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