Statistics pga tour case

Jack Schultz on March 5, As someone who likes writing and investigating data sets, and as a huge fan of golf and writer of a golf blog, Golf on the Mindwhen I realized that the PGA Tour website has a crap ton of stats about players on the PGA Tour going back to the early 80s, I figured there was definitely some investigating to do. And the first step, as with any data analysis, is getting the data into a standard and usable form. So before I can start looking at anything interesting, I need to do some scraping. Step 1 — Downloading the HTML files The usual process for scraping, is to grab the html page, extract the data from that page, store that data.

Statistics pga tour case

The district court entered final judgment in favor on the plaintiff on March 4, R. This Court has appellate jurisdiction under 28 U. Plaintiff has a permanent disability in his right leg that precludes him from walking an eighteen-hole golf course.

Title III prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities in places of public accommodation, including by failing to make a reasonable modification of existing policies or practices, unless doing so would "fundamentally alter" the nature of the services offered.

Pursuant to 42 U. Because this appeal presents fundamental questions addressing the nature of a public accommodation as defined in 42 U. Casey Martin is a professional golfer. He has a rare permanent congenital malformation of his right leg, known as Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome. This condition affects the circulation process; the blood can circulate into his lower right leg, but the veins fail to circulate the blood back to his heart.

As a result, the leg becomes engorged in blood. The condition often leads to amputation. See generally Martin v.

Statistics pga tour case

Because of this condition Martin's right leg is severely atrophied and weakened. This condition also causes severe pain and discomfort, even while Martin is engaging in daily activities or resting.

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It makes walking particularly painful, difficult, and even dangerous. Walking places Martin at significant risk of fracturing his Statistics pga tour case because of his increasing loss of bone stock and weakening of the bone. Walking also places Martin at significant risk of hemorrhaging and developing blood clots.

To help alleviate these problems, Martin uses a double set of support stockings to force blood up through the leg and promote circulation. He also seeks to elevate his leg when possible to assist in the recirculation of blood. See generally Martin II, F.

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Martin's condition was first diagnosed when he was a child, and has steadily worsened over time. Although he used to be able to walk the entire golf course, he can no longer do so. His treating physician, Dr. Donald Jones, testified that it is medically necessary for Martin to use a cart to play the game of golf.

The PGA sponsors and cosponsors professional golf tournaments on three tours: The first and second stages consist of the 72 holes each; the top scorers in the first stage advance to the second stage. Inapproximately 1, competitors played in the first stage of the qualifying tournament E.

After the second stage, the top qualifiers approximately players advance to the final stage, which consists of holes.

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In the first two stages of the qualifying tournament, players are permitted to use golf carts; in the third stage, they are not. Martin I, F. Prior tohowever, players were permitted to use carts in all three stages of the qualifying tournament Tr. Andrews, Scotland see E.

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Rule provides that "[t]he Game of Golf consists in playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the rules. These decisions provide that it is permissible to ride a cart unless it is prohibited by local rules defining the conditions of competition for a particular event.

Moreover, Appendix I to the Rules of Golf -- setting forth, pursuant to Rulethe Conditions of Competition under which a particular competition shall be governed -- provides under the heading "Transportation" that "[i]f it is desired to require players to walk in a competition, the following condition is suggested: Players shall walk at all times during a stipulated round.

The PGA and the Nike Tour have both adopted walking as a "condition of competition"; they have not adopted the mandatory language suggested in Appendix I. The district court found that the parties had not cited any written policy governing the PGA Tour's Rules Committee exercise of discretion regarding a waiver of the walking requirement.

When the walking requirement has been waived, it has been waived for all competitors, for example, to shuttle players between holes when considerable distance is involved.

The court found that no waiver has ever been granted for individualized circumstances, such as a disability.Case Problem 3 PGA Tour Statistics The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) maintains data on performance and earnings for members of the PGA Tour.

Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. to a database of more than eight million shots by PGA TOUR golfers, leading to many interesting results, including the relative importance of the long game versus the short game.

In the next section the strokes gained concept is defined and illustrated. Official golf statistics for the PGA TOUR. × To watch in a smaller size, scroll down while your video is playing.

Golf Stats - PGA Tour - - Terms of the settlement announced Tuesday were not disclosed. Rosenblum declined further comment because of a confidentiality agreement.
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The Tour’s marquee players were those who gained fame on the PGA Tour and subsequently joined the Tour after reaching the age of Toscano claimed selecting players in this fashion was anticompetitive. From all accounts the PGA Tour Champions tournament known as the 3M Championship, which has been played at the same TPC Twins Cities that will host the PGA Tour event, has been one of .

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