Skype disruptive innovation

The power of innovative ideas to revolutionize industries and generate wealth is evident from history:

Skype disruptive innovation

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Shares Skype - like a red rag to the bull that is the US telephone industry Skype's chief executive Josh Silverman has been treating CES attendees to a short history lesson of 'disruptive' technologies, as a way of trying to explain his frustration with vested interest in the US telephone industry.

Skype's free voice and video calling service continues to grow at an accelerating pace, and, as such, is increasingly seen as a threat from those companies that currently charge for voice and video calls. Such as most of the US telephone industry!

Skype disruptive innovation

Put simply, companies such as Comcast, don't want Skype users hogging their bandwidth without paying for it. Henry Ford and red rags Silverman told CES attendees that the debate over disruptive innovation goes back to Henry Ford inventing the first automobile in the early s, when Pennsylvania passed a Red Flag law requiring any "horseless carriage" to be preceded by someone carrying a red flag.

Users have articulated needs, like how they want longer battery life and cheaper goods. Innovation that delivers on those needs is incremental. But every now and then, unpredictable changes happen where new inventions address unarticulated needs.

Skype's latest strategy — outlined at CES this month — is to focus heavily on high-definition video calls on TV.

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Silverman closed his talk by stressing that policy should be progressive, not reactive and "err on the side of disruptive communications," adding, "if we get the policies right, we can unleash a new era of innovation.Where Work Happens.

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If Skype was disruptive to telcos, then Cubic Telecom is their nightmare (and good for you) A few weeks prior to my scheduled departure for Dublin, Ireland where I ran the most recent Mashup Camp.

Oct 09,  · You'll see how 7 companies such as Skype, and then let us know of disruptive innovations you've encountered.

Innovators versus vested-interests

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