Problem gambling in singapore

We have evidence in the form of keno slips which were used in about bc as some sort of lottery to fund state works — possibly including construction of the Great Wall of China. Lotteries continued to be used for civic purposes throughout history — Harvard and Yale were both established using lottery funds — and continue to do so until the present day.

Problem gambling in singapore

Now we look deeper to see more of the iceberg I mentioned earlier.

Problem gambling in singapore

You try to book a taxi, but find there are none available. It is frustrating but not really surprising - it is a known fact that demand for cabs skyrockets when it rains and on weekend nights, including Fridays. However, besides demand spikes, there is a lesser known contributor to the dearth of cabs when you need one: Industry observers estimate 5 to 10 per cent of taxi drivers are habitual gamblers.

Checks at carparks of the two integrated resorts reveal a sizeable number of parked cabs - often during peak demand hours for them. On horse-racing days - Fridays and weekends - carparks at satellite betting centres are also filled with taxis.

There are 10 such centres here, and the most popular one is in Bukit Merah. A recent check revealed more than 50 parked cabs there between 6pm and 7pm on a Friday. And there's no rule to stop them. Some of them will say: But if they don't follow it, we terminate their services.

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The phenomenon is no comfort to commuters, who complain that it is often hard to find a cab even though Singapore has the highest taxi population per head among developed cities. The situation is such that commuters are now choosing parallel taxi services on apps such as Uber and GrabTaxi - even when the cost of a ride is often much higher than that of a conventional cab.

Human resource consultant Alex Yew, 43, once saw close to cabs in a carpark where a Singapore Turf Club betting centre is located. If you multiply that by the number of betting centres around the island, it is a significant number of cabs.

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Said one of them, a something SilverCab driver: I work in a logistics firm, I work 15 days, I get 15 days off. When I'm not driving, I'm with my family. We've a three-year-old, so I can't come here when I'm with them.The National Council on Problem Gambling was set up in Singapore on 31 August to address problem gambling, following the government's decision to legalise casino gambling and build two integrated resorts at Marina Bay and Sentosa.

NCPG is part of Singapore’s national framework to address problem gambling.


The Council aims to minimise the impact of problem gambling on society. a news aggregator on singapore from alternative sources. Casino Exclusion and Visit Limit are social safeguards that can help stop or limit problem gamblers and those in financial hardship from entering or frequenting the casinos in Singapore.

The fourth survey on participation in gambling activities among Singapore Residents, following similar studies conducted in , and Learn within the strategies when gambling online in Singapore & Malaysia.

You need to ensure that you learn for the strategies that it is possible to use when you wish to play online casino in Malaysia & Singapore.

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