Obamas speech rhetorical analysis essay

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Obamas speech rhetorical analysis essay

Straight from the dome to the plate. The purpose of this exercise is to apply rhetorical analysis techniques to a published argument in any format. His now famous Yes We Can speech was addressed to his Democrats in Chicago, an audience who generally sided with leftist liberal thinking.

This aspect he clearly uses to his advantage in his speech. In addition to building upon a very favourable ethos, the speech attempts to use pathos to connect with the audience by uniting them through a shared sense of patriotism.

The celebratory nature of the speech meant that logos was rarely used, however this was a deliberate choice and arguably strengthened the speech. Fostering a positive ethos is an essential part in creating rapport between the orator and the audience; it disarms any suspicions or concerns which they might have originally held.

Obama, a shrewd politician attempts to emphasise his American patriotism in order to establish a common connection between him and his primary demographic; liberal Americans. He does this by standing in front of American flags, dressed in a suit, a symbol of power and might particularly in the western world.

By quoting Abraham Lincoln; a man whose roots come from the city he is speaking in, Obama is able to lend credibility to his ethos by associating himself with a past president. Obama is also connecting his presidency with the romanticized American past and ideals and gives the notion that America will continue to stand as a beacon of hope against tyranny and injustice.

A skilled orator will be able to manipulate pathos in order to get the audience to emotionally invest into their message.


Whilst pathos lacks the science and reason which logos presents, the ability to inspire is an immensely powerful tool to create social change. The hyperbole whips the crowd into a frenzy since human nature instinctively longs to feel like it has contributed to something that surpasses them as an individual.

The allusion that Obama requires the full participation of the nation to bring about change is a nod towards the democratic foundation of America.

As a politician it is important to sustain the support and loyalty of the nation. Whilst most speeches contain elements of pathos, logos and ethos, Obama decided to largely forgo logical arguments since they were already explored in the speeches leading up to his victory.Jun 07,  · First Analysis - Obama's DNC Cpeech there is a wealth of rhetorical devices to be found in the speech.

Obamas speech rhetorical analysis essay

The detailed analysis. My comments are in red On behalf of the great state of Illinois, (The use of a rhetorical question to get the audience thinking. Importantly, a closed – and loaded – question. Dec 11,  · If any further evidence were needed of the distance between running for president and being president, it came Thursday in Oslo as President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.

The celebratory nature of the speech meant that logos was rarely used, however this was a deliberate choice and arguably strengthened the speech. The Yes We Can speech is an outstanding example of a highly skilled orator’s ability to persuade, manipulate and influence an audience. The analysis should focus on both language Obama is using and also include analysis his body structure, eg how is he standing, gesture.

Please identify the type of the speech first, ie either social,Persuasion,Impromptu,Informative. Read this essay on Obama Speech - Analysis. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Obama's victory speech rhetorical analysis.

Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama's DNC Keynote Speech essay paper

Obamas's speech after winning Nobel Prize: First Obama introduces his speech by telling the reader how he get to know that he has won the Nobel Prize. The introduction includes the lines. On November 6th, , Barack Obama was re-elected as president of the U.S.

The undermentioned twenty-four hours, Barack Obama held his triumph address. This paper will analyse and notice on an extract of that peculiar triumph address and the cardinal focal point of the analysis will be on the rhetorical effects of the address.

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Obamas speech rhetorical analysis essay
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