Necessity is something in the mind

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Necessity is something in the mind

Necessity is something in the mind

Is the will divided into irascible and concupiscible? Whether the will desires something of necessity? It would seem that the will desires nothing. For Augustine says De Civ.

Dei v, 10 that if anything is necessaryit is not voluntary. But whatever the will desires is voluntary. Therefore nothing that the will desires is desired of necessity.

Further, the rational powers, according to the Philosopher Metaph. But the will is a rational power, because, as he says De Anima iii, 9"the will is in the reason.

Further, by the will we are masters of our own actions. But we are not masters of that which is of necessity. Therefore the act of the will cannot be necessitated. On the contrary, Augustine says De Trin.

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Therefore the will desires something of necessity. I answer that, The word " necessity " is employed in many ways. For that which must be is necessary. Now that a thing must be may belong to it by an intrinsic principle—either material, as when we say that everything composed of contraries is of necessity corruptible—or formal, as when we say that it is necessary for the three angles of a triangle to be equal to two right angles.

And this is " natural " and "absolute necessity. On the part of the end, as when without it the end is not to be attained or so well attained: This is called " necessity of end," and sometimes also "utility.

This is called " necessity of coercion. For we call that violent which is against the inclination of a thing. But the very movement of the will is an inclination to something.

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Therefore, as a thing is called natural because it is according to the inclination of natureso a thing is called voluntary because it is according to the inclination of the will.

Therefore, just as it is impossible for a thing to be at the same time violent and naturalso it is impossible for a thing to be absolutely coerced or violentand voluntary.

Necessity is something in the mind

But necessity of end is not repugnant to the willwhen the end cannot be attained except in one way: In like manner neither is natural necessity repugnant to the will.Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime.

Research on naps, meditation, nature walks and the habits of exceptional artists and athletes reveals how mental breaks increase productivity, replenish. The Nature of Necessity (Clarendon Library of Logic and Philosophy) (): Alvin Plantinga: Books.

Nov 23,  · Best Answer: Let me first explain in the contrary: the necessity exists in the object.

For example, it is necessary that an acorn tries to become an oak. If that attempt is snuffed out, then the necessity of snuffing it is in the rain that drowns it, or the heat that cooks it, or the squirrel that eats Resolved.

Sep 12,  · If the mind is identical to the brain, then the mind (and the consequent consciousness) is not an irreducible and independent non-physical entities or substances, mind = brain.

Consequently mind and consciousness can be described in terms of physicalism and / or materialism. Clatterbaugh claims this is a consistent position because on Hume’s view ‘the necessary connexion between cause and effect is neither logical necessity nor metaphysical necessity but a psychological necessity derived from custom and habit’, 20 as seemingly supported by the following passage: Upon the whole, necessity is something that.

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Since the time of the Enlightenment.

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