Light writing anleitung mit

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Light writing anleitung mit

Line following is one of the most common problems on industrial robots, and it is one of the most useful applications because it allows the robot to move from one point to another to do tasks. There are several ways of making a Line Follower, the one that I am going to explain you about is using the Light sensor.

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As you know, both Mindstorms and EV3 sets come with a little light sensor that it is able to get a reading of reflected light, apart of seeing colors. On this tutorial I will explain how to do line following with just one sensor.

The more sensors you have the better and faster the robot will be able to follow it. Building the line follower robot So first thing is build yourself a little robot much like Track3r, either with wheels or with tracks. You can download the instructions provided by LEGO. It is a simple construction.

Or base it on one of the LEGO Education models… Whatever you build, just light writing anleitung mit to keep the distance between wheels to a minimum… because the bigger the distance, the harder for the robot to follow the turns on the line.

Building your playground for line following Ok, the robot is done. But before start coding, we need the line that the robot will follow. If you happen to have the Mindstorms NXT 2.

I have used a black tape and with the finger I have sticked it to the floor creating a continuous path that the robot will follow. My floor is done of marble that it is white and brown at times and even with that it works. So it may work too on yours unless it has even less contrast than mine.

Line Following Problem definition It is quite important to understand the line following problem first. We have a thick black line on a white surface and we want our robot to move along the line following it in the fastest possible way. So, next step is defining what it is black and what it is white.

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So the best thing you can do, before starting anything else is calibrate the robot. Light Sensor calibration Ok, as you know Color sensor can also work as a Light sensor, so we choose the Measure reflected light mode and we are going to store in two variables the white and black colors.

The reflected light value is just a number between 0 and with the amount of light the sensor is getting back. We add a Touch sensor to our Robot to record the light value, you can also do it using Brick buttons, as you prefer.

Here is the EV3 code that I used for it So the idea is that you place it on the white surface, press the touch sensor, place it now on the black surface and press the touch sensor again, now we have the white and black readings and can start working.

I do it each time I start the robot but you can safely ignore it while light conditions keep stable. We place the robot on the line, we get a reading if it below the middle black-white we move to one side and if it is above we move to the other side. Here it is how it works.

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light writing anleitung mit

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