It 460 unit 2 project

The purpose of a distributor is to apply the bituminous material in a uniform and continuous spread and at the rate required by the applicable Standard Specifications.

It 460 unit 2 project

This section covers the installation of the throttle cable, radiator hoses, and automatic trans kick-down linkage. Cables -- Most Broncos used a cable style throttle linkage.

Most 4V engines also had the cable type throttle linkage. Some Broncos used a rod-type throttle linkage, and if your Bronco uses this setup, then you will have to either make a custom linkage rod or convert your Bronco over to the cable-type setup.

Hoses -- There are several types of hoses you can try when installing a The next time you replace the hoses they should have taken a permanent set and you can match them up to a pair of pre-molded hoses at you local auto parts store.

This will allow the use of a factory style upper hose and allow for the installation of a heavy-duty 3 or 4 core radiator. Linkage -- If your Bronco has an automatic transmission, then make sure you buy the kick-down lever along with your engine if it had an automatic.

However, there are just a few other minor factors that you should be aware of when installing one of these power houses in your Bronco. If this is a problem, then you may want to consider purchasing new front coil springs.

It 460 unit 2 project

If your Bronco sits extremely uneven, then you might want to install a new set of "leveling" coils from companies such as JC Whitney and James Duff. It will really bring that old or to life! Also, your new engine may have a bad starter on it or may have not come with one at all.

Keep in mind that this swap is not an exact science and some of the ideas listed here may not work with your particular engine and your particular Bronco. Not all engines are the same, not all radiators are the same, and not all Broncos are the same either.

Any time a swap like this is attempted you are going to run into some unforeseen problems. So far I have been receiving tips, tricks, and other problems people have been running into during their engine swap on a weekly basis.Transcript of ACCT Unit 2 Individual Project Cash Flow Methods (AIU Online) ACCT Unit 2 Individual Project Cash Flow Methods (AIU Online) Click the link.

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