Fabric assurance by simple testing a s t essay

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Fabric assurance by simple testing a s t essay

The importance of any particular factor varies from application to application. In the typical business system usability and maintainability are the key factors, while for a one-time scientific program neither may be significant.

Fabric assurance by simple testing a s t essay

Our testing, to be fully effective, must be geared to measuring each relevant factor and thus forcing quality to become tangible and visible. The drawbacks are that it can only validate that the software works for the specified test cases.

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A finite number of tests can not validate that the software works for all situations. On the contrary, only one failed test is sufficient enough to show that the software does not work.

Dirty tests, or negative tests, refers to the tests aiming at breaking the software, or showing that it does not work. A piece of software must have sufficient exception handling capabilities to survive a significant level of dirty tests.

A testable design is a design that can be easily validated, falsified and maintained. Because testing is a rigorous effort and requires significant time and cost, design for testability is also an important design rule for software development.

For reliability estimation [Kaner93] [Lyu95] Software reliability has important relations with many aspects of software, including the structure, and the amount of testing it has been subjected to.

Based on an operational profile an estimate of the relative frequency of use of various inputs to the program [Lyu95]testing can serve as a statistical sampling method to gain failure data for reliability estimation.

Software testing is not mature. It still remains an art, because we still cannot make it a science. We are still using the same testing techniques invented years ago, some of which are crafted methods or heuristics rather than good engineering methods.

Software testing can be costly, but not testing software is even more expensive, especially in places that human lives are at stake. Solving the software-testing problem is no easier than solving the Turing halting problem.

We can never be sure that a piece of software is correct. We can never be sure that the specifications are correct. No verification system can verify every correct program. We can never be certain that a verification system is correct either. Key Concepts Taxonomy There is a plethora of testing methods and testing techniques, serving multiple purposes in different life cycle phases.

Classified by purpose, software testing can be divided into:Testing is ubiquitous in education. From placement in specialized classes to college admissions, standardized exams play a large role in a child’s educational career.

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