Essay on gumption

Courage is of two kinds: The farmer is common to both man and beast; but the latter belongs to man alone. Courage comes from the strength of mind or will. Physical courage depends on one's physical strength.

Essay on gumption

Henry Miller wrote a book called The Books in My life. I was a fan of his non-fiction writing in the late s Air Conditioned NightmareBlack Spring and when I found this book it blew my mind. The quantity of books he recalled fluently, and their wide range of genres.

He crossed subjects, forms, languages, decades… he was, in essence, a kind of free-reader. He read lots of obscure books, by not well known writers, which liberated me from the shallow waters of bestseller lists. This post is largely inspired by this book.

In the same college course I read Crazy Wisdomby Wes Nisker, which demonstrated how insane wisdom seems to the unwise which i was, or still am. The combination of these two books changed me forever, and set me on a path paved with the love of wisdom.

The Conquest of HappinessBertrand Russell. The best writer among the philosophers, choosing plain language, passionate charm, and clarity of thought above all else, something few philosophers have the talent, desire or courage to do.

He was prolific, with many essay collections, but perhaps most memorable among them is his Why I am Not Christian.

Essay on gumption

He is one of my heroes for many reasons, but with this book it was for his willingness to state what he believed despite the consequences. But the book has saved me in times of depression, and was a key reading while I was figuring out how to quit my job.

The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain DeBotton is in the same Russellian category for its charmingly written take on the basics of wisdom. And he was right.

The book taught me that love is courageous, and most people are afraid of expressing their love, which explains in part why many people are sad.

TechnopolyBy Neil Postman. This is the book I wish every technology lover, programmer, startup founder and tech VP would read. His books made me realize my lust for using and making technology could not achieve many of the things I wanted out of life. It led me to books like Information AnxietyThe end of patience and Data Smog By Shenk, and on down the line through an honest view of what technology can and can not do.

Not sure what grade it was, probably early high school, but in that experience was likely one of the seeds that made me eventually want to be a writer.

I read it many times also trying to figure out the machinery. The Night Countryby Loren Eiseley. I found this strange, scary looking book cover in the science section of a used bookstore in the mid 90s.

Trail Dreamer: An Essay On Gumption

I picked it up and and it blew me away, because although it pretended to be a science book, his magical sense of wonder was unexpected and put me on my heels. These books provide a crash course in the various short non-fiction forms there are, and gave me exposure to different writers, writing on very different topics, in very different styles.

A Scientist in the Cityby James Trefill. Much of my reading used to be focused on design, design thinking, and building good things, since that was a big part of my working life.Gumption, as defined in the dictionary, is courage and initiative. In Russell Baker's essay "Gumption" the author recalls his first job (which he obtained at age eight) selling The Saturday Evening Post.

Definition= my definition of courage is a person that has the strengths needed to face their fears We all face difficulties in our lives like loosing some one you love, getting something stolen or having the school bully on your bad side.

A five-paragraph essay on courage should contain an introduction with a thesis statement, three body paragraphs that support this thesis and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the essay's . Mr. Claro Modern Nonfiction Reading Selection by Russell Baker Gumption From to , Russell Baker (b.

) wrote the "Observer" column in the New York Times, a column that is syndicated to over four hundred and . An essay is a short work of nonfiction. In writing instruction, essay is often used as another word for composition.

Articles vs. Essays - "[W]hat finally distinguishes an essay from an article may just be the author's gumption, the extent to which personal voice, vision, and style are the prime movers and shapers. Gumption, as defined in the dictionary, is courage and initiative. In Russell Baker's essay "Gumption" the author recalls his first job (which he obtained at age eight) selling The Saturday Evening Post.

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