Argumentative essay on the bluest eye and beauty

Before you even open the book, both racism and beauty are revealed through the title of the book, The Bluest Eye. When the book was written, blonde hair and blue eyed people were the stereotypical portrayal of paramount flawlessness. Even the dolls, such as Betsy Wetsy or Barbie dolls had the massive, round, deep blue eyes. Claudia, the narrarator, along with the other girls, looked up to these stereotypes of splendor and were also very envious of them.

Argumentative essay on the bluest eye and beauty

The Bluest Eye Thesis Statements and Important Quotes |

Clearly, the desire to escape poverty and the limiting circumstances of their social conditions is a common feeling among the characters in the novel.

You may also wish to argue whether these fantasies are adaptive or whether they are unhealthy. Should you choose to do this, substantiate your argument with carefully selected quotes from the novel. Consider whether you agree with this claim.

Consider the various failures of the adult characters in this novel: You may choose to analyze only one character and his or her failures, or write a comparative analysis of several characters, but in any case, build an essay in which you posit reasons for the failures of adults to protect children and to offer hope to the next generation.

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Defining Beauty In one way or another, almost all of the characters are preoccupied with defining what beauty is. Not all of the characters are aware that this is their preoccupation, however.

Consider whether there are competing or complementary notions of beauty that Morrison offers.

Argumentative essay on the bluest eye and beauty

Pay close attention to the matter of how the characters come to their understanding of beauty. Finally, address whether notions of beauty evolve, either positively or negatively, as a result of the experiences that the characters have over the course of the novel.

Aside from the thesis statements above, these quotes alone can act as essay questions or study questions as they are all relevant to the text in an important way. Look at the bottom of the page to identify which edition of the novel they are referring to.

When she comes out of the car we will beat her up, make red marks on her white skin, and she will cry…. They issue orders without providing information.

When we trip and fall down they glance at us; if we cut or bruise ourselves they ask us are we crazy. When we catch colds, they shake their heads in disgust at our lack of consideration.

I wanted rather to feel something….

The bluest eye essay about beauty

The truly horrifying thing was the transference of the same impulses to little white girls. There in the dark her memory was refreshed and she succumbed to her earlier dreams. Probably the most destructive ideas in the history of human thought. Both originated in envy, thrived in insecurity, and ended in disillusion.

Every time I got, I went…. Them pictures gave me a lot of pleasure, but it made coming home hard….In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, both racism and beauty are portrayed in a number of ways. This book illustrates many of the racial concerns which were The Bluest Eye Essay.


By Lauren Bradshaw. April 12, Argumentative Essay University Essay Descriptive Essay Graduate Essay Master's Essay Sample Papers Example Papers. The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison (Born Chloe Anthony Wofford) American novelist, nonfiction writer, essayist, playwright, and children's writer.

The following entry presents criticism on Morrison's. The Bluest Eye Essay #4 by: Jason Berry EWRT 1B Instructor: C. Keen June 16th Toni Morrison the author of The Bluest Eye, portrays the character Pecola, an eleven year old black girl who believes she is ugly and that having blue eyes would make her beautiful, in such a way as to expose and attack “racial self- loathing” in the black community.

The Bluest Eye: Conformity The basic theme of the novel, The Bluest Eye revolves around African Americans' conformity to white standards. Although beauty is the larger theme of the novel, Morrison scrutinizes the dominant white culture's influence on class levels.

"Argumentative Essay On The Bluest Eye And Beauty" Essays and Research Papers Argumentative Essay On The Bluest Eye And Beauty Hunger for Beauty “If happiness is anticipation with certainty, we were happy.” (pg 16) Morrison’s purpose of including Shirley Temple in the novel is to paint a picture of the ideal girl; a figure of conformity.

The Bluest Eye- Essay #1 The concept of beauty is portrayed throughout Morrison’s The Bluest Eye by analyzing the novella’s literary elements such as setting, character, and theme. Throughout the novella there’s a relation between beauty and the setting, character, and theme that relates to culture and beauty.

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