A discussion about the real answers for the year two thousand problems

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A discussion about the real answers for the year two thousand problems

Been away awhile taken care of real life.

Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions — Global Issues

Boy, have things been busy lately with great words, reviews and pics. Have seen a couple of entertaining flicks on one of the premium movie channels up here.

While I don't think they are worthy of a full review, they are good enough to be mentioned as they both have well-done GIMPage.

The first is Five Across the Eyes, a movie shot on a low budget in Tennessee in a Blair Witch style of low light and jumbled hand-held shots. It's the story of five teen girls all cute who get involved in a minor hit and run on a back road.

The woman yes, woman driving the other car doesn't appreciate it and stalks the girls. Over the course of the next hour movie time the teens are chased and caught and chased and caught etc. At one point the girls are forced to strip in front of the car by the shotgun wielding protagonist not much shown as the scene is shot from the rear bare backs only in the headlights of their car.

One of them is forced to pee on their clothes and then, inexplicably, our villainess leaves After much driving and screaming, the girls are caught a couple more times resulting in assorted assaults mostly off-camera before the film ends with The most innovate scene is when the woman gets tired off one of the girl's constant pleading and retrieves a box of fishing tackle.

After she has secured the girl to her car seat through the innovative use of seat belts, she reaches into the box for a handful of big fish hooks and stuffs them in her mouth before using white medical tape from the first aid box to gag the girl by wrapping it across her mouth and headrest.

While the use of the camera 'hides' much of the good stuff, it does add to the sense of realism more than I expected. The other high point was the constant dialogue of women screaming and pleading with assorted good close-ups of their faces while doing it.

A discussion about the real answers for the year two thousand problems

Take note for those who don't like too much blood The other was a big budget French movie that was for some reason given the innocuous English title of Female Agents that makes it sound like some sort of cheap porno flick.

Its the story of five French women who are members of the Resistance. They are parachuted back into France to retrieve an English geologist who was secretly scouting the Normandy beaches prior to D-Day.

It also involves the use of Mulberry Harbours portable concrete pieces towed to Normandy to be assembled there to create an artificial harbour and the Nazi are desperate to know what it all means.

Without delving to much into the storyline, there a two GIMP worthy interrogation scenes. In the first, one of the women is forced to strip in front of the guards and then made to sit on a chair untied where one of her fingernails is torn out unseen after which she immediately breaks and the torture stops.

Later in the movie we do see a close-up of her hand and she ends up taking a poison pill after she has removed all her clothes and stretches out on the cell floor in a crucifix position. The other scene involves one of the captured agents being tortured in front of a Resistance leader who is also her brother.

The Nazi tell him they will torture his sister until HE tells them about the Harbours. The brother is beaten and bloody, tied to a chair in the interrogation room.

His sister is clothed in a slip with her hands secured behind her back. Thankfully, he doesn't talk right away and we are treated to a couple of scenes of his sister being dunked in a bathtub full of water followed by scenes of her being belly punched by one of the guards while another holds her steady.Today's Second Life pic of the day is "Couple of kooks" by Titus Palmira..

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A discussion about the real answers for the year two thousand problems

Global warming is real. The global average temperature in was the third hottest since record keeping began in the late s ( was the first, was second), and the ten warmest years on record have occurred since Robert Gagnon's Answers to Emails on the Bible and Homosexuality _____ Index.

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